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IRC Credit Management Services Limited

About the Business

We are India’s first shared Receivables Management Company. We consult, manage, comply, finance & recover account receivables through a unique proprietary process for all business sizes in India.

We work as a shared resource on an outsourced basis, to put together a corporate govern receivable management process which removes personal biases and takes call on scientific plus real time assessment of adequate credit limit, default probability and market standing of all the buyers at all times.

This process ultimately results into
  • Regular and dynamic financial health check of buyers.
  • Ensuring that your company is exposed only to healthy buyers and buyer base remains strong.
  • Systematic, timely and scientific follow up of overdue account receivables.
  • Most appropriate legal/para-legal or expert approach to ensure faster recoveries of overdue accounts receivables, which ultimately protects the balance sheet against bad debts.
  • Capturing and documenting the process to ensure transparency and compliance.

We bring to you corporate governance processes, which when followed diligently, can mitigate your default risks.

Our Timeline


Suresh Nair

Suresh Nair comes with more than 30 years of work experience spanning various functions of business – Finance, Business development and Sales, Customer Care, Information Technology, Project Management and Consulting. This experience comes out of working with Corporates and SMEs.

Our Products & Services

  • Credit Management Health check-up
  • Audit of Receivables Management Process
  • Audit of Legal Documents/Invoices/Sales Contracts
  • Buyer Information Reports
  • Receivables Discounting (Domestic/Export)
  • Outsourced Comprehensive & Customised Receivables Management Program
  • Facilitate issuance of Accounts Receivables
  • Recovery of Overdue Payments
  • Initiating Insolvency/Bankruptcy Code Process
  • Legal Proceedings against Defaulters
  • Recovery Assessments
  • Import – Export Finance Structures
  • Buyer Credit Program/Facilitation of Receivables financing on domestic sales
  • Setting up of industry specific receivables management process
  • Technical support to Insurance and Reinsurance companies in setting up credit insurance underwriting and management of credit insurance portfolio.
  • Training of Client Staff – Accounts and Sales
  • Training/Educational Seminars

Contact the Business


Naman Midtown, A wing 21st Floor,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone (W),
Mumbai 400013

Mr. Suresh Nair

+91 22 66214941 / +91 7045646221


Registered Office Address

JOGESHWARI (EAST) Mumbai 400060

CIN : U74999MH2014PLC253707